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PA, us
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ATTAR 2: Tracey and Nick(...I totally forget. I''ll look it up later. Sinners and Saints: Mia(28/32) Real World vs. Road Rules: Frank(2/12) V2: Becky (6/20) Moleriah: Mimi (5/9) ATTAR3: San and Rose(3/I forget) Colo5: Rosa Parks (7/14) Harry Potter: Ginny(9/18) ATTAR4: Koda and Namie(3/9) Bowser's Castle: Candy Kong(5/12) Colo6: Jason Vorhies(9/13) Arrested: Oscar(4/16th) Hags: Linda(5/14) Rio Novo: Peih-Gee/Cunt-Extraordinare(6/20) Boardgame Battle: Me, duh(5th or 6th out of like 14?) V4: Sugar(11/14) Nightclub: Flamz(7/15) ATTAR5: Ray and Kent(4th out of a lot. Lulz) Paraguay: Tony(13/16) VASS: Becky(4/14) BR: Satomi(11/16) I will never win a game. Swaps HATE.
Favorite Music:
Anything that has a beat, I guess.
Favorite TV Shows:
Reality TV, Heroes. I need more shows......I don't watch anything. I tend to watch Junk on GSN and FoodNetwork....Ugh.
Favorite Movies:
Horror Movies, evne though I cry and scream. A Christmas Story. I dunno why I'm filling this out.

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